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Terms & Conditions

Objectives of the site.
Map & Sustainable Barcelona is an interactive virtual map, linked at the Open Green Map and simultaneously a social network for smartphones, which includes socio-environmental initiatives relevant to the city. In particular, the map provides useful information about points of interest (eg, shopping, accommodation, equipment and infrastructure), signposted with QR codes, and citizen experiences (stories, photos, activities) in the city.

Your goal then is to stimulate sustainable culture of Barcelona through an interactive map, made ​​collaboratively between citizens, businesses, organizations and government initiatives that displays and / or resources that contribute to the improvement of the urban environment, to build a more equitable and inclusive social structure and fabric of the community and neighborhood enrichment.

Also, want to provide complete information, updated and quality, truthful, accurate and accessible, it is useful to as many people who ask. This update will depend on the data available to the City and providing the third collaborate.

The updated information provided by third parties is the responsibility of the person or entity provider. The City Council will ensure that suppliers ensure that information regarding the update and according to current regulations.

Therefore, access to and navigation of the site are free and anonymous. Only if you want to incorporate information must be recorded as specified in the third point. It can incorporate any type of information.
Acceptance of Terms of Use.
When you access this application, we consider that you accept all the conditions of use described below. That's why we ask your careful reading.
Similarly, we reserve the right to modify this document, which you may consult these terms of use each time you access this application.
Since we use data for other applications or websites, remember that you must also observe the performance of its conditions.
The City Council, as owner of the application, we reserve the right to incorporate data or content supplied by third parties in any format, as detailed in the following conditions, but also reserves the right to incorporate -the, modify them and / or remove them without prior notice or posterior. Conversely, in the data or content offered by others always indicate its origin by the name or nickname that is registered in the internal file that speaks to the next point.
The City Council has no control, from the earlier, the quality, originality, authenticity, safety or legality of the content that participants bring to the platform. However, the City Council -a reserve the right in its sole discretion and notified to the web address proporcionada- temporarily suspend the activities of a participant website, disable your account in any way, clear it, or delete your account to send a notice, especially-but not limited s'hi- in the following cases:
If there is a manifest violation of these conditions of participation.
If the City justifiably believes that the activity of the participant is harmful to others, or by the website and so the City has notified the web address provided at registration.
Computer Terms.
The City allows access regardless of the choice of technology users and users, and particularly encourages the use of technologies based on open standards. It is your responsibility, however, the use of appropriate computer equipment to access the application. In no event shall the City be responsible for any problems you may have to access or have accessed.
If you want the application to incorporate content, you must register your name, email address and a nick in a file that does not appear in the application and will be used exclusively for the owner to identify wanted the data to be incorporated. The data collected are, in any case, the minimum necessary for these purposes.
Any information that you want included in the application will only be visible immediately and eventually reviewed retrospectively. If, at the time of check-up, there were doubts about whether adjusts to these conditions of use will be removed from the application, without requiring any communication.
The City Council reserves the right to modify or drop out of the running application, temporarily or permanently, without being liable for any damage this may cause to users.
Similarly, the City agrees to follow a policy that respects the privacy of cookies.
Intellectual property rights.
The City Council is protecting intellectual property.
This application is the property of the Barcelona City Council, offering their content for free. Nevertheless, should reproduce the contents in whole or in part, shall be mentioned.
Thus, the City owns the intellectual property rights of works and comprising this website or the assignment or have licensed for use. This includes, by way of example and not limitation, graphic design and software of this post and also the texts, images and recordings it contains. The reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation of these works and beyond activities directly authorized by the Copyright Act, requires the permission of the owner. This website does not give the participants any right or ownership over any contents mentioned, which go beyond the provisions of these terms of use.
The above statement includes icons that will not modify, adapt, add or remove documents without the express permission of the property.
Unless noted otherwise, all content is the property of the application of the City Council. If anyone wants to add any third party content, the organization must ensure the possibility of using it for free and without conditions as the City Council chooses to keep it accessible from the application. However, ownership of the content added by a third remain yours.
The participants will refrain from any activity that violates the intellectual property rights of both the City Council or any of its subsidiaries or related companies or entities, or any third party. If infringe any law, you will hold harmless the City Council -as, where appropriate, any of the companies or organizations linked dependents- or from any action or claim that may be filed because of infringement of the participant.
Participants are responsible for the content that want to incorporate. Especially guarantee the accuracy of the information they provide, and the opinions they express respect duly the rights of others. In addition, participants and ensure that they are guaranteed or authors of the content posted on the site (ie, they are of their own creation, not having been transformed or copied in whole or in part in any other), or who have permission for its use. Should include a link to another web page or content, or the City or any of its subsidiaries or related companies or entities not responsible for the privacy policy of the linked sites or the content that directs the link.
The trademarks, trade names and logos appearing on this website may be protected by intellectual property regimes, as applicable, and belong to their respective owners. In use is prohibited not having the consent of the owner or it is not protected by law.

A reference is made in this website, products and / or services of third parties, or any other information using the trademark, trade name or the name of others, does not constitute in sponsorship or recommendation of any kind.
In any case, the City Council may review the contents uploaded to the application, and you can choose to delete them.
Personal Data.
The Council ensures the safety and protection of personal data.
They are personal, all allowing the identification of a particular person as the image. For the appearance of any data that could be considered personal to the application, you always ask the permission of the person concerned.

The collected data contained in a file owned by the City, according to the provisions of the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data.
Complaints and suggestions.
Any complaints and / or suggestions you may have pertaining to the application and / or content included must be made through the relevant section of the application.
If you think you have any rights to the material included in the application, or that violates your privacy, you should notify the City Council stating your name, the ownership rights (providing proof or accreditation) and the object of the right allegedly infringed. The City Council reserves the right to make inspections as deemed appropriate prior to the withdrawal of the content.
In any case, the liability of the content will not be built by the participants of the City Council, but who has provided. The City can claim to have built content that does not comply with these terms of use for damage compensation, even image, which may have caused.
Thus, responsibility for the contents provided is unique to the user that brings.
Rules of conduct.
The use of this application should observe the following special rules:
Any content included in the application must avoid unlawful, defamatory, abusive, offensive, obscene, discriminatory and / or invasive to the privacy of any third party. In this regard, it is understood, but not be limited, information that:

- Is false or misleading.

- Violates the privacy of a third party, such as posting personal details such as name, address, phone number, email, or a photograph of an individual.

- Have business purposes, such as job posting or ad.

- He could incite hatred, discrimination or sense a sexual nature, violent, vulgar or pornographic, or may threaten or cause.

- Any content included in the application must respect the intellectual property rights of a third party or personal data or the City, including, but not be limited, copyrights, trademarks or other rights of intellectual property rights or related.

- Any content included in the application must respect the rights of minors.

- Avoid the introduction of computer viruses in any of its forms (trollans, worms, etc.) in the application and / or with the intent to impair the site or the systems of the City or any third party. They are also prohibited the intentional collapse of the service; sending spam to users, and messages with character string of messages, pyramid game or gambling.

The participant is responsible for their proper use and ensures that it is the owner of all information provided to the website or has permission to provide it. The participant is responsible for the content of their contributions and the damages or claims by third parties that may arise. In any case, the City Council will be responsible for the misuse of the Site or the Content shared in the same, or answer about using any natural or legal person make the ideas provided, nor on the adequacy or the results derived from them.
In the event of a dispute of any kind or for any reason between participants on the Web Site or any third party, the City Council exempt from liability for any claims, demands or damages of any nature that are involved in any so this dispute between participants and third parties website. However, if observed doubts about belonging or not to keep any information to the application, the council may choose to remove it.
Reuse of information.
The Council encourages and enables reuse of information disseminated within the limits provided in this legal notice and imposed legislation. Therefore, the City Council allow reuse, non-commercial purposes, all data and information disseminated through this website, if not otherwise noted, the following conditions:
- Do not alter the content of the information;

- Not distorting the meaning of information;

- Mention the source of information;

- Indicate the date of the last update, and hinted that the City sponsors or supports the activity in which reuses informació.La possibility of reusing information in any case be limited to the necessary protection to other rights, interests or property in accordance with the provisions of law. In particular, any act of reusing the information contained in this website is to safeguard the protection of the intellectual property regime and the regime of protection of personal data. In particular, the reuse of works and services protected by intellectual property regime is subject to the terms of the license intellectual property that has been established in each case (see "Intellectual property "). It is forbidden to reuse works and services for which the book has been given the rights of intellectual property.

The City fits the legal framework in force responsibility for the contents. It assumes, in accordance with current legislation, responsibility for the contents of this website have been prepared by the same council.

With regard to content supplied by third parties and users are subject to the exclusions of liability set out in Articles 13 to 17 of Law 34/2002, services of the information society and electronic commerce. In particular, regarding linked contents, disclaimer applies to Article 17 of the same law.

The City does not respond misuse that users can make from your web site
Mapping workshops.
The Council for entering data in the mapping application will organize workshops, targeted prospecting of new data that may be of interest. The City Council will conduct workshops for yes or commissioned by other organizations.
The ownership of the data will be those who obtain, if not owned by the third or affect their personal image, so the addition will be required to register as mentioned in point 3 of any participant in these workshops, or person or entity.
If the data were owned by a third party, even regarding image rights, be informed about the existence of the application and will ask your permission to upload this data to the application in the same conditions as if he had wanted to incorporate them. That is why they ask their inclusion in the register mentioned in point 3.
Can also incorporate data from workshops organized by other organizations. In this case, the organizer will have to register in the register specified in point 3 and the data can be collected from your property, if you do not belong to a third party, in which case they will have to manage the corresponding inclusion the data record that, under its responsibility.
Rules on jurisdiction.
The rules of the Spanish legal system governed exclusively by these Terms of Use. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of these Terms of Use, or in connection with them, or the breach, termination and invalidation of these conditions shall be resolved exclusively by the competent court in Barcelona (Spain).