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Retorna UB (Campus Mundet - Edifici Ponent)

Passeig de la Vall d'Hebron, 171
Horta - Guinardó / La Vall d'Hebron
08035 - Barcelona
The point of interest marks the location of one of the machines return system for beverage containers at the University of Barcelona. With this system, the beverages sold in vending machines and soda water include a deposit of € 0.10. The money can be recovered by returning the empty container in either recovery machines installed in the Campus Mundet: one is in the building midday (ground floor, next to the information point), and another Speaker of the building (first floor of the first car).

The operation is similar to the systems of deposit, refund and return implanted around the world, and known by the acronym DRS. To participate you must be a member of the university community of the University of Barcelona, ​​as the drink must be purchased with the card UB. Thus, the machine reads the card if we return previously purchased a drink and, if so, it returns the deposit of 0.10 € per card.

Visitors are UB, and those who have not bought the drink with the UB card can also return empty beverage containers machines recovery, but recover the deposit of € 0.10.

This system aims to increase the proportion of packaging waste recovered at the University, as the yellow containers for selective collection not achieved results satisfactory enough. The performance is part of the environmental improvement measures incorporated in the tender for the concession of the operation of the service vending machines in schools of the UB, and is part of the Sustainability Plan of the University of Barcelona.
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