Gardens and urban gardens of Grace

  • Allotment and community garden
  • Neighborhood association and movement
  • School and community composting
  • Member of Barcelona + Sustainable
  • Center social, cultural or leisure
  • Community space and self
  • Space friend of children
  • Market or exchange point
  • Organizations of development cooperation and solidarity
  • Time Bank
  • Group ecological consumption
  • + Sustainable Schools
  • Sustainable building
  • Accessible to people with reduced mobility
  • Stormwater retention tank
  • Dining collective ecological
  • Green roof
  • Green wall
  • Tree of interest
  • Way school
  • Loan service or rental of equipment and other used items
  • Clothing collection container
  • Bicycle parking
  • Installing solar thermal
  • Free municipal WiFi
  • Fair or market of organic products and / or local
  • Support and mutual aid
  • Environmental education facility
  • Urban green corridor
  • Park or forest or garden asilvestrado

Directions gardens and urban gardens of Grace

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Points of interest on the route   x 12

Aula Ambiental Bosc Turull

Hort municipal de Turull

Hort de l'escola Montseny a Turull

Hort de l'escola Farigola de Vallcarca a Turull

L'hort de Farigola

Associació La Miranda

Centre Obert Heura

Escola Reina Violant

Espai Jove La Fontana

Lluïsos de Gràcia

Tres horts: horts, balcons i terrasses

Jardí del Silenci