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Route 22/11 for the current cooperative Saints


Route initiatives and the history of the solidarity economy Sants

22 November 2014 at 10am Casa del Mig
Registration for and 93 213 39 45

The economic crisis has transformed many of the certainties that we had internalized. On a social level has produced a questioning of the dominant economy, which has involved a personal reflection on the relationship we have with labor, consumption and savings. It is here where economic alternatives proposed from cooperatives, have been placed in the eyes of growing sectors of the population.

The celebration of the Day of Cooperatives, talks, articles, seminars and workshops as well as exhibitions, researches and routes to the memory of the neighborhood cooperative, have served to restore and upgrade the cooperative spirit of the Saints.

These new settings have allowed in recent years have created or installed new cooperatives working in the neighborhood, and that the list of self-managed firms employees grows.

Beyond the extension of the cooperative as a formula, the feeling is that Santos has been a socialization of a culture of cooperation. Much remains to be done, and the challenges are significant. But the seed is sown cooperative, and it seems that is already germinating.

Text taken from the article by Ivan Miro, the No. Poke. 177, December 2013

More information about cooperativism Saints

At 10 h
Route solidarity economy initiatives in the neighborhood. Guided by The Invisible City, in collaboration with AfoSants.
Venue: Casa del Mig

At 12 pm
Literary workshop and report on cooperatives. By Vapor Vell Library and Public Library Josep Pons.
Place: Biblioteca Popular José Pons, Can Batllo.

At 12 pm
Workshop on building a widget recycled material. By The Col.
Place: Outside Can Batllo.

The activity will include a small snack will be in charge of the social economy.


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