Why a More Sustainable Map Barcelona?

After an extensive consultation process, Barcelona took shape in its Agenda 21 Citizen Commitment to Sustainability 2002-2012, a document which defined broadly agreed principles, objectives and lines of action to move towards a better city.

Commitment for ten years has been the roadmap of the city. With more than 800 organizations involved, the network of signatories has worked to achieve shared goals with a wide range of transformative initiatives undertaken by businesses, civic and professional associations, unions, foundations, universities, schools and different areas and districts of the municipal administration.

During this time, we have learned a new language and have developed a common culture, we have to evolve ideas about what is good for the city and how to achieve it, we have started collaborative projects and have achieved unquestionable progress. Perhaps most important is that the citizens of Barcelona, ​​and that these new share values ​​have begun to integrate planning.

But there are still outstanding goals in this time important challenges have emerged and new sensibilities that we must involve in building the future of our city. In 2012 Barcelona redefined its Commitment to Sustainability citizen, marking the roadmap toward a more equitable, prosperous and self-sufficient for the next 10 years. Organizations, companies, organizations and citizens has long been working together in this direction, but we still have the challenge to spread the values ​​of commitment.

To have a wide network of citizens in social and environmental engaged and connected the city working together to a more sustainable Barcelona, ​​created the map B + S, an interactive map, produced collaboratively between citizens , companies, institutions and administration. Map showing B + S initiatives and resources that contribute to improving the urban environment, to build a more equitable and inclusive social structure and enriching the community and neighborhood fabric. Also, the map B + S aims to be a key tool to publicize spaces and pathways that may have a tourist alternative, more local, sustainable, and would highlight the environmental heritage attractions, cultural and social lesser known from the city.

Suffice to say that the first map of the green city of Barcelona (according to GreenMap Systems) was conducted as a participatory manner, throughout the years 1997 and 1998 and was published in print in 1999 the Department of Sustainable City. The map B + S has collected its essence and adapted to new technologies available today.

Participants on the map